Stainless Steel Commercial Catering Equipment


Our commercial grade stainless steel kitchen wall shelving solutions come in an array of options, sizes and with a multitude of bracket options.


We manufacture Wall Shelves with box section brackets, Wall Shelves with guesset brackets, Rodded Pot Racks and Heavy Duty Microwave Shelving all part of our catering equipment range.

Our products boast superior build and finish quality making them outstanding value for money.

All our products are fully guaranteed, if you need to know more about our products  or about bespoke requirements please get in touch.

Call or email for a quote on 08000 489 074 or

Standard Depths: ✔️300mm, ✔️350mm,✔️400mm


Standard Lengths: ✔️250mm, ✔️300mm, ✔️350mm, ✔️400mm, ✔️450mm, ✔️500mm, ✔️550m, ✔️600mm, ✔️650mm ✔️700mm, ✔️750mm, ✔️800mm, ✔️850mm, ✔️900mm, ✔️950mm, ✔️1000mm, ✔️1200mm, ✔️1500mm, ✔️1800mm, ✔️2000mm, ✔️2100mm, ✔️2200mm, ✔️2300mm, ✔️2400mm, ✔️2500mm, ✔️2600mm, ✔️2700mm, ✔️2800mm, ✔️2900mm

Please contact us for prices by specifying your sizes via email to For bespoke items please provide a rough sketch.










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