Heated Gantries

Keep food warm with a Mackline Stainless Steel Heated Gantry Unit. Including single tier, two and three tier heated gantries with ambient options with 300 watt jacketed food safe bulbs as standard - complete with variable dimmers. Available in various 1, 2, & 3 tiers, various depths and lengths. Suitable for all types of commercial kitchen environments


Heated Gantries


Mackline Heated Gantries


Constructed from study box section frames and fully welded at all edges our build quality is second to none. With enclosed box designs to be aesthetically pleasing, they are one of the best designs in the UK.
We use dimmer controls as standard in all our stainless steel heated gantries  - Rocker switches are a product of the past
A clean, sleak and faultless design with the end user in mind. 
All our gantries come with pre drilled holes so they can be bench mounted (if required) and power requirements (typically 13amp) to suit all applications
If you would like to discuss this product, please contact the our fabrications team via email on info@premiercateringmanufacture.co.uk or on 08000 489 074


Did you know?

We can manufacture a full range of heated gantries for various applications in all lengths, depths & heights:
⚫ Mackline Heated Gantry for bench mounting
⚫ Mackline Heated Gantry for hotcupboards
⚫ Mackline Heated Gantry for wall openings to create a passthrough 
⚫ Completely bespoke heated gantries for all commercial kitchens
⚫ Mackline Heated Gantries with optional ambient and heated shelves


Variations avaialble:

⚫ Single tier - heated gantry
⚫ Two Tiers - heated gantry Or Two Tier (1 heated & 1 ambient)
⚫ Three tier - heated gantry Or Three Tier (2 heated & 1 ambient) or Three Tier (1 heated & 2 ambient)
⚫ We can also incorporate part ambient shelving or alternative options

⚫ Wall type heated gantry 


Lengths Sizes available (but not limited and can be made in bespoke sizes)

✔️700mm ✔️800mm, ✔️1000mm, ✔️1500mm, ✔️2100mm, ✔️2700mm, ✔️3000mm,  standards with bespoke heights available 

Standard Depths:

✔️250mm, ✔️300mm, ✔️350mm, ✔️400mm, ✔️450mm


⚫ Stainless steel construction with box section support legs
⚫ 300 watt jacketed bulbs (200watt bulbs available too)
⚫ QVRS variable dimmer control or Rocker Switched if preferred.


All our heated gantries come with variable dimmer control as standard which allows betters temperature outputs
And lets not forget we are.....



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