Dishwash Tabling

We manufacture diswash tabling for pass through dishwashers. Inlet table and exit tables to suit all pass through dishwashers


Dishwash Tabling

Dishwash Tabling

Passthrough Dishwasher Tabling

Passthrough dishwashers fit between two stainless steel tables which enables the water to drain back into the dishwasher. These are called the inlet and the outlet tables, one being used as the soiled, or as commonly termed "dirties" table and the other, the clean table. The setup of the passthrough dishwasher system can either be in a straight line or as a corner installation.

The soiled items are stacked, sorted, racked into baskets and pre rinsed using a pre rinse spray over the sink. The basket is then slid through the dishwasher. Passthrough dishwashers are suitable for higher volume commercial catering establishments.

Pre Wash Inlet Tables With Sinks

Designed for the "dirties" side of the dishwasher, this stainless steel tabling includes stainless steel sinks with the option to incorporate a pre rinse spray arm shower. The pre wash inlet tables with sink facility provides an area for easy rinsing prior to passing dishes through the dishwasher. The loaded trays are then slid along the sink or table tracks into the passthrough dishwasher, this reduces the need for lifting heavy baskets in and out of the dishwasher.

A stainless steel shelf can be added to the base of your sink to allow for extra storage space. This is ideal for storing dishwasher detergent and rinse aid products.

PKF can also incorporate a bin scrapping ring into the table top design, with bin located under this enables easy removal of waste food prior to dishwasher loading.

Plain Dishwasher Inlet Tables

Plain dishwasher inlet tables are produced without the addition of sinks. These fit easily to the inlet side of your passthrough dishwasher and allow the dishwasher trays to be easily slid along the tracks into your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Outlet Tables

Usually a plain stainless steel table is used on the outlet side of the passthrough dishwasher. This enables clean items to be removed from the passthrough dishwasher and allowed to air dry. Target can also incorporate a racking system under the outlet table to allow for baskets to be neatly stored away.

Machines Compatible With Our Universal Tabling

✔️Hobart  ✔️DC ✔️CEP ✔️Sammic ✔️Kromo ✔️Asber ✔️Mach ✔️Meiko ✔️Electrolux ✔️Kingfisher ✔️Blizzard ✔️Blue Seal ✔️Winterhalter  ✔️Maid-Aid✔️Plus loads more

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