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Contract Fabrication

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire we provide high quality stainless steel, fabrication, welding, polishing & assembly

Contract Fabrication

We are a specialist stainless steel manufacturing company, with capabilities and flexibility to manufacture almost anything from stainless steel. Whilst working with other metals also. Our team of CAD engineers, fabricators, welders and polishers can make practically 

From 3d Design to concept to large scale manufacture. Our skills are very flexible. Allowing us to manufacture to customer demand and design. 

Working with all types of stainless steel, from solid materials, sheet, box & tube our capabilities are limitless. 

Primarily we manufacture within the catering industry but have capabilities to extend to high quality manufacturing within the stainless steel industry. 

We can also integrate electronics and pipework allowing a one stop solution for your product development and distribution requirements. 

Services we offer:

⚫  Sheet metal fabrication (including stainless steel, mild steel, Galvanised & Zinc)

⚫  Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrication 

⚫  CNC Punching Services

⚫  Sheet Cutting 

⚫  Sheet Bending (press brake solutions)

⚫  Laser Cutting Services

⚫  Welding, Assembly & Polishing 

If you have bespoke fabrication requirements, please contact us below on:

Tel: 08000 489 074



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