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We specialise in commercial kitchen cleaning services. We can provide an array of cleaning services. From kitchen deep cleans to canopies, ductwork and equipment cleaning services

Our teams of specialist cleaning operatives have worked in all types of commercial kitchen environments. After all we install them too. So you can be rest assured the same levels of excellence are applied to our cleaning services as our new fabrication and installations. 



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We are Premier Catering Manufacture Ltd

Primarily we are a specialist company in the design, manufacture & installation of commercial kitchens and ventilation. With our vast range of experience and supply partners we are able to provide a one-stop shop for all your commercial kitchen requirements. 


Type of work we complete:

.✔️Canopy Cleaning  ✔️Fan Cleaning  ✔️Deep Cleans   ✔️Equipment Cleaning   

✔️Extraction and fresh air system cleans  ✔️Laundry Ventilation Clening


Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Teams Work With:

.✔️Care Homes   ✔️Pubs   ✔️Universities   ✔️Cafes   ✔️Takeaways  ✔️Restaurants

✔️Training Facilities ✔️Canteens  ✔️Container Kitchens

✔️Food outlets   ✔️Catering Trailers  ✔️Hire Kitchens  ✔️Schools


Why Clean Commercial Kitchens?

AS a BESA member we provide TR19 compliant ventilation cleaning services for commercial kitchen. Ensuring all grease and carbon deposits are removed from commercial kitchens is a hygiene and fire risk.

Under the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 - a requirement is places on the "responsible person" to make sure action is taken to prevent fires, which includes carrying out a sufficient fire risk assesment. Due to the high risk of potential fire, kitchen extraction systems warrant close attention and should be included in such assesment. Clean systems will ensure your systems remain safe. 

The TR19 guidelines where introduced to standardise commercial kitchen ventilation cleaning and maintenance, to help reduce the risk of fires. 

It should also be noted, the longer and heavier grease deposits are left to build up eventually from our experience if a fire doesnt occur the fan will always fail. We believe in supporting these guidelines set out above whilst maintaining an ethical approach to ensuring the parts within your commerical extraction system keep working.






With in-house gas service engineers we can:

✔️ Run gas pipes for cooklines (including electrical)

✔️Install new equipment

✔️ Service existing equipment

✔️ Repair faulty equipment 

✔️Issue Gas Safety Certificates 

✔️ Remedy extraction issues - including fan replacements


We work for pub chains, independant eateries, take aways, care homes, schools & playgorups, councils, farm shops, factories


To book a service engineer please contact using the chat box on the left hand side, this chat box is answered 24/7, please await a response or call 08000 489 074 to speak with our team!

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